Continuing Education for CERT Members

CERT members that have completed the Basic Training are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge, hone their skills, and learn how to participate in a broader range of volunteer activities through the Continuing Education program.

FREE Continuing Education Classes for CERT Members:

First Aid/CPR/AED Learn life saving techniques and first-aid. A basic first aid and CPR class is provided FREE to Martinez Area CERT members, but is not a certification class. If you take a First Aid / CPR class that provides a certification card, there will most likely be a fee.
CERT Emergency Communications - Learn the basics of radio communications and how it can help in CERT response.
Radio Communications Fundamentals of Net Control An intermediate-level class for radio operators who want to learn how to properly run a radio net during a drill, emergency response, or a routine practice net.
American Red Cross Sheltering - Learn American Red Cross roles, responsibilities, methods, and protocols used in shelter operations. This is an instructor-led class offered by the American Red Cross.
CERT Traffic and Crowd Management Learn the skills needed to manage traffic and crowds in planned and emergency situations. You will learn to use hand signals and traffic control devices to manage traffic in various situations, how to respond to crowd behavior, when to back away from a crowd instead of responding, maintaining safety while managing crowds, and how to put together traffic + crowd management plans.
Incident Command Post (ICP) Operations Learn to implement typical components of a CERT Incident Command Post. Learn the relationships between various response locations/organizations. Become more familiar with CERT Forms used in the ICP. Explore how the ICP supports CERT response.
Urban Search Learn the skills necessary to safely look for missing children and at-risk adults in an urban environment. CERT members may be called upon to assist in the event the Sheriff, Police, or Fire departments request volunteers to aid in an urban search for missing individuals.
Flood Response Learn the skills needed to respond to flood waters, including understanding the dangers, how to work safely, how to work with sandbags, and how to construct a sandbag barrier.
CERT Animal Response - The modules teach emergency preparedness for situations involving animals that you may encounter in performing your broader CERT response functions.
Concord CERT Animal Response Class
Concord CERT supplemental training on animals in support of emergency/disaster response.
CERT Animal Response I
The purpose of this module is to teach CERT graduates emergency preparedness for animal owners and how to recognize specific animal behaviors.
CERT Animal Response II
The purpose of this module is to ensure that CERT graduates can respond safely and appropriately in emergency events involving animals.

FREE Online / Self-Paced Continuing Education:

IS-317 Introduction to CERT - This online overview of CERT Basic Training can be a great refresher for existing CERT members.
CERT Search and Rescue Tutorial - This online tutorial allows CERT-trained individuals to review and refresh their skills in sizeup and search and rescue techniques.
National Incident Management System - IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800 - Supplement your CERT basic training with online classes from FEMA. These classes will give you a greater understanding of how to use CERT organizational principles and how you fit into the emergency response system.

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