Our wildfire tour started at the Martinez City Hall.

CoCo County Fire Prevention Specialist Kathy Woofter explained what to look for.

First stop: Rankin Park in District 1. The grass needs a 30’ wide swathe cut starting at the asphalt and going up the hill. Fire flies uphill much faster than down.
hillside with dead grass needs a 30 foot firebreak


Next we went to a residential street in District 1. Our basic rule of thumb: if it’s green, it can stay. If it’s dead, it needs to be cut down and removed from the property.


Trees should have a minimum clearance of 13’6″ because fire trucks are 13′ tall. Kathy said if a property has a real estate sign, take a photo of the sign as well, and she can contact the real estate company.

dead grass needs to be cut to 3 inches high

There was also a house with a flat roof that probably had 10 years of dead pine needles sitting on top, a huge potential fire hazard.

years of dead pine needles on this roof make it a fire danger

Thanks to Kerry for the photo tour!

Where am I located? Gwenda wants a ride

Where am I located?