our classroom in City HallOur Stop the Bleed training went very well! Ron Shuman, our main instructor, was pleased at how engaged we were with our questions and our hands-on work.

Ron pointed out that the “initial challenge is to impose order upon [a] chaotic scene. Your demeanor and actions in first moments will determine the outcome” with your own deliberate and purposeful behavior.

we're using a regular stick to help turn the gauze, create compressionWe learned that sometimes we may also need to be creative with resources that are on hand. In this picture, we’re using a stick to apply pressure in an ad hoc tourniquet. We got lots of practice using rolls of gauze, training tourniquets, and other handy implements for stopping a serious bleed at various parts of a body.

Many thanks from all of us to our highly skilled instructing team: Ron, Bonnie and Arnie.