An important thing about disasters is that most aren’t scheduled. Many are serious enough to change our life priorities in some way. Most people don’t think a disaster will happen to them. Denial is a powerful thing.

Yesterday one of the big oak trees in downtown Martinez unexpectedly gave up a branch. This wasn’t a small branch, and it didn’t just fall. It took two power poles and all the connected wires—and the electric service to those connected by those wires—as the branch fell.

fallen oak branch

Photo credit: Catherine Owen

When you look for a shady place to park, do you look at the condition of the tree offering the shade? Several of the car owners parked in fateful places will need to reconsider their ride for a few days. Check our Flickr feed for more photos from this local disaster, including the burn marks from live wires in the middle of the intersection (nobody was hurt!) and other damage done. Thanks Catherine for sharing your photos!