Few of us have a handy information sheet that would help the first responders in case we need emergency assistance during our social distancing. File of Life created a Covid-specific two-page (legal size) information sheet. Download and fill it out with YOUR information to help with fast and accurate response—as well as helping ensure with first responder safety.

Martinez CERT also offers a general emergency information form that includes space for your pets’ medical information. Add your contact information, family and pet medical info, insurance details, and any special needs. Add a photo of you and your pet to help with identification if you get separated, then put this info in an easy-to-find place. Perhaps an envelope with I.C.E. on the outside, taped to your refrigerator? (I.C.E. stands for In Case of Emergency.)

Do you have more information that would be helpful? Start with a blank piece of paper. Include all of the details that you might wish a doctor to know but which, under the circumstances of your emergency, you might not be able to say. Add a date so you know how old the info is and when it needs to be updated.

Are you in general good health and wouldn’t have anything much to report? Great, this task is so easy! Write your name on a piece of paper, indicate that you have no known allergies and are not taking any medicines, a friend or family member to contact in case of an emergency, and if you have health insurance put that information down too.

Any of these forms are well worth the time it takes to fill them out. They speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself, and this handy information may save your life.