Lunch & Learn: Radios Can Save Lives

Lunch & Learn: Radios Can Save Lives

When disaster hits will your cell phone be charged and working? Cell towers may be damaged and inoperable. So, what’s the alternative? A handheld radio. Learn about using FRS or GMRS radios for communications during a disaster. It may save your life and your family.

Brian Lindblom is a retired police chief with 30 years of law enforcement experience. He has done emergency planning and training for 35 years and been involved with CERT since 2007. Brian became the Martinez CERT Director in 2010 and believes everyone has a personal responsibility to be prepared.

Thank you to Contra Costa County Library, Martinez branch, for hosting us!

Helpful Resources

We’re planning a simplified Get On The Air event with your FRS/GMRS and ham radios, sometime in May. Sign up for it here.