Be Prepared

Keep your cellphone charged and consider investing in an external battery and keep it charged and accessible. Set up Wi-Fi calling on your phone to help stay connected.


  • Emergency apps including FEMA, AccuWeather, and Red Cross Emergency may help keep you updated as emergencies unfold. Sign up for emergency alerts like Contra Costa County’s Community Warning System (CWS) at Learn how to use your flashlight app to see in the dark.
  • Input essential contact information, including family members and friends, police, fire, hospital, school, and vet in your phone’s address book.

Steps to Take During an Emergency
Heed all alerts from public agencies. If you need assistance, call or text 911,  have detailed location information ready. Only use voice calls when absolutely necessary and keep all conversations short. When you can, use text messaging, email, or social media to let your loved ones know your status and keep those messages brief as well.

To conserve your mobile phone’s battery life, turn on your phone’s power saving mode.
Close unused apps and turn off push notifications (those pop up messages). Contact your carrier if you have questions and see if your carrier’s local store is open as a mobile phone charging station. Do not stream movies or videos unless necessary.