image from PEXELS

Nearly everyone has a cell phone. In a disaster emergency your cell phone may play an important role in keeping you informed and connected to your family or loved ones. Here are a few tips to get you prepared and keep you communicating.

Few of us have a handy information sheet that would help the first responders in case we need emergency assistance during our social distancing. File of Life created a Covid-specific two-page information sheet. Download and fill it out with YOUR information to help with fast and accurate response—as well as helping with first responder safety.

FEMA’s fascinating PrepTalks “are given by subject-matter experts and thought leaders to spread new ideas, spark conversation, and promote innovative leadership. In this PrepTalk, Amanda Ripley combines the inspiring stories of disaster survivors with research into how the brain works when confronted with unusual events. She explains why our instinctive response may be the worst possible reaction, unless we have had the experience and/or the training to help us act quickly.

Martinez Area CERT is planning an area-wide response exercise on Saturday, July 27th from 8am to noon. We invite you to come meet your District Coordinator, see what we’re doing, and help explore how you might save yourself and your family in a serious disaster. Please register online.