Earthquake Safety Resources

Earthquake shaking can move most everything, even large and heavy items thought to be immovable. Imagine your home or workplace being picked up and shaken sideways – what would be thrown around and cause injury or damage? How can you prevent it?

Martinez CERT offers a class on securing your space (house, office, boat, etc.). Additionally, the Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA) has partnerships with ReadyAmerica (store) and Safe-T-Proof (store). Both are providers of home disaster supplies and non-structural earthquake hazard mitigation products.

ECA also has extensive online resources for consumers about securing household appliances and furnishings. Start with Step 1.

You can also find earthquake hazard mitigation fact sheets for the following:

Water Heater / Kitchen Cabinets / Kitchen Food Safety / Refrigerators 

Bookcases / Filing Cabinets / Electronics / Small Objects / Shelving Units / Hanging Objects / Floor-Mounted Objects / Wheel-Mounted Furniture 

Vending Machines / Lockers and Storage Cabinets / Chemicals / Gas Cylinders / Propane Tanks / Glass / Closed Shelves / Open Shelves / Display Cases / Gas Safety / Shop/Gym Equipment / Full Wall Partitions / Masonry Partitions / Modular Partitions 

Equipment Racks / Access Floors / Emergency Power System / HVAC Units / Ducts / Filtration Tanks / Suspended Ceilings / Ceiling-Mounted Lights and Ventilation Grills 

Pendant Mounted Lights / Wiring / Emergency Batteries / Cable Trays 

Fixed Anchorage / High Friction Skids / Motion Isolators / Exit Doors / Rooftop Heating / Rooftop Mechanical Units / Space Heaters / Suspended AC Units / Piping / Large Windows