Our Leadership

Martinez Area CERT has a three party leadership structure, with Administrative, Training/Educational, and Operations Directors.

Administrative Director: Marta Van Loan

  • Schedule and host most CERT meetings
  • Request and prepare agenda items for meetings
  • Maintain all CERT personnel records and data files with support
  • Approve and schedule all public events or delegate
  • Attend all CERT involved public events or delegate
  • Manage CERT finances and grants with support
  • Review and approve all changes in policy or procedures
  • Attend or delegate to attend outside CERT liaison meetings
  • Coordinate with PD Liaison for policy or direction decisions
  • Meets regularly with other two directors to coordinate activities

Training & Education Director: Milagros Juan-Ojermark

  • Manages all basic and in-service CERT training
  • Coordinates all training equipment needs through Ops
  • Schedules training classes, assigns instructors, and mentors instruction
  • Updates training materials and curriculum as needed with support
  • Coordinates all class registrations and related records with support
  • Participates in drills and response activities to monitor training needs
  • Coordinates requests for outside training or instructors with Admin. and Ops
  • Meets regularly with other two directors to coordinate activities

Operations: Steve Fisher

  • Manages CERT operational response to events and disaster
  • Coordinates all operational response training
  • Approves response plans and equipment requests
  • Responsible for Trailer driver certification and practice
  • Maintenance of CERT Trailers
  • Equipment maintenance and annual inventory
  • Responsible for CERT Communications equipment and maintenance
  • Coordinates with District coordinators for equipment needs
  • Attends meetings as needed
  • Meets regularly with other two directors to coordinate activities