Have enough food, water and meds to last 3-7 days

CERT in Action

  • Training
September is Emergency Preparedness Month. You know the earthquakes are shaking the rest of the world. It's not a matter of IF a big one will shake up California, it's a matter of when. Are you ready? Training is free, and is very empowering.
Shelter sign

Red Cross Shelter Fundamentals Training

The Red Cross Shelter Fundamentals Training provided CERT volunteers the training needed to work at a Red Cross shelter. The presentation covered shelter management, organization, operations and great examples from recent disasters.
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QUICK! Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness isn't hard. We're offering two quick classes to help you get started: Personal Emergency Preparedness and Business Preparedness.

Our Area-Wide Exercise a Success!

On Saturday morning, July 27th, we held our First Annual Simulated Disaster Response. We called on our volunteers to check in to their assembly points. What happened next? Read on for the surprise.
home site burned down

Practice, Practice, Practice

Martinez Area CERT is planning an area-wide response exercise on Saturday, July 27th from 8am to noon. We invite you to come meet your District Coordinator, see what we're doing, and help explore how you might save yourself and your family in a serious disaster. Please register online.
Hands-on sandbag stacking

Fighting Floods

The California Department of Water Resources and the Alameda County Fire Department hosted a fascinating seminar on Flood Fight Methods this past weekend. Our speaker Richard noted that they approach floods like CPR: good to know and important information, but something you don't want to use. Lots of information in our post.

The Lines Below the Lawn

At our January meeting we heard from USA North 811 about the free service offered by 811 that identifies where utility lines are buried. Calling before you dig could save your life!
woman looking over a vast burned area

Preparing for Danger

The San Francisco Chronicle ran an informative guide, Preparing for Disaster (PDF), a guide to surviving the next big fire or quake. Whether preparing for a wildfire, a house fire, and earthquake or other disasters, make sure you have a plan, some emergency supplies, and back-up information & photos for your important documents.