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Lunch & Learn: Radios Can Save Lives

When disaster hits will your cell phone be charged and working? Cell towers may be damaged and inoperable. So, what’s the alternative? A handheld radio. Learn about using FRS or GMRS radios for communications during a disaster. It may save your life and your family.

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Lunch & Learn: Fire Safety

Learn which type of fire extinguisher is right for your household needs in the kitchen or the garage, when to use a fire extinguisher (judging the size of the fire) and how to safely use a fire extinguisher on small fires following the PASS (Point, Aim Squeeze and Sweep) method to stop a fire before it gets to big.

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Lunch & Learn: Defensible Space

Fire season returns every year. We live in a high fire danger area, so extra steps are required to help with your safety. This talk in our weekly Lunch & Learn series will explain how to protect your home with a defensible space around it. We’re only as safe as our neighborhoods.

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Listos California links

Earthquake resources: 7 Step Guide and After Earthquake Guide

Contra Costa Emergency Radio: Martinez residents listen to KQED 88.3 FM.

Safety Tips for Wildfire + COVID-19 (6 page PDF) in English, Chinese, Filipino, Hmong, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese

Disaster Ready Guide and en Español (PDF)


The USGS has published several outstanding papers that describe our situation, should a serious (6.7 or greater) earthquake happen along the Hayward Fault.

Firewise Links

Martinez hillside emergency evacuation routes (map)

What is Defensible Space? CCCFPD offers a great self-assessment survey.

We're a Firewise community! Read about our journey and our updates.

A printable reporting form for weed abatement concerns and violations.

Contra Costa County maps viewer for finding property reference numbers.

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