Earthquake Safety at Boys and Girls Club

Earthquake Safety at Boys and Girls Club

A quick update on an earthquake safety project CERT just completed with the Boys and Girls Club of Contra Costa, at their Martinez Clubhouse.

Earlier this year Martinez Area CERT applied for a grant from Earthquake Country Alliance to provide emergency supplies for the Boys and Girls Club in Martinez.

In May we received word that we had been awarded two grants for the Clubhouse. The first grant was called “Secure my Space” and involved devices to lock down and secure computers monitors, TV screens, shelves, filing cabinets, drawers and wall cabinet doors. The second grant award was for emergency supplies, medical kits, food, water pouches, flashlights, radios, and other supplies to support up to 30 persons.

This past Friday and Saturday, Sept 18 and 19, CERT volunteers installed over 80 securing devices to the Club’s electronics, furniture and cabinets. This installation project completes the first phase of the preparedness grant by making the site equipment earthquake safe.

The second phase will occur once we’re able to begin face-to-face training. CERT will be revisiting the Boys and Girls Club to conduct additional earthquake preparedness and disaster training for the staff and youth. Until then, both CERT and the Boys and Girls Club organizations will be promoting earthquake readiness via their websites.

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