June: Pet & Animal Preparedness Month

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Disasters don't give advance warning, so it's wise to plan ahead for your entire family. Your pets need Go Bags too! CalFire offers a clear guide, and we offer a pet rescue card for your pets' safety.
oak branch fell on a car

Disasters: Any Time, Any Place

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An important thing about disasters is that most aren't scheduled. Many are serious enough to change our life priorities in some way. Most people don't think a disaster will happen to them. Denial is a powerful thing.

Communications Exercise

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Martinez Area CERT teamed up with ham radio operators from Martinez ARC and friends to test our local communications capabilities in case of an emergency.
power lines across a field

Summer Blackouts Ahead

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Bloomberg’s article, California May Go Dark This Summer, and Most Aren’t Ready, explores PG&E's plan to cut power on windy days.
Martinez CERT responders

Thank You, Paradise Responders!

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The Martinez City Council recognized Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members of Martinez’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) who volunteered during the Northern California wildfire that swept through the town of Paradise are recognized during last Wednesday’s City Council meeting.
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Social Capital in Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

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In some neighborhoods, residents believe that if a disaster strikes, other people will take care of them. This may or may not be true. If they don't know their neighbors at all, who will they ask for help? In this FEMA PrepTalk video, Dr. Daniel Aldrich explains how social ties are the critical aspect of resilience in immediate survival, in mental health, and in community recovery.
CERT Volunteers in the booth (Earth Day 2019)

John Muir Earth Day 2019

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Earth Day 2019 at the John Muir House was a great day! Thank you to our amazing smiling volunteers.
Hands-on sandbag stacking

Fighting Floods

The California Department of Water Resources and the Alameda County Fire Department hosted a fascinating seminar on Flood Fight Methods this past weekend. Our speaker Richard noted that they approach floods like CPR: good to know and important information, but something you don't want to use. Lots of information in our post.