The Lines Below the Lawn

At our January meeting we heard from USA North 811 about the free service offered by 811 that identifies where utility lines are buried. Calling before you dig could save your life!
woman looking over a vast burned area

Preparing for Danger

The San Francisco Chronicle ran an informative guide, Preparing for Disaster (PDF), a guide to surviving the next big fire or quake. Whether preparing for a wildfire, a house fire, and earthquake or other disasters, make sure you have a plan, some emergency supplies, and back-up information & photos for your important documents.
broken road in Alaska

Amazing Alaska Recovery

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Alaska has more earthquakes than any other state. They recently suffered a 7.0 quake that rocked their infrastructure. Preparation makes a difference.
bird sitting on anantenna

Amateur Radio License Training

During the most recent wildfires in California the only reliable means of communication was still via amateur radio. You can take the technician class and get your entry level license to get on the air. Classes are available starting in January through two of our local clubs.
house on fire

Thank You CERT!

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District says THANK YOU for our help this year.
a big pile of bags with donations

Contra Costa Voluntary Orgs Active in Disasters (VOAD)

MartinezCERT volunteers were among a diverse community of organizations that attended a workshop on October 23 about the Contra Costa Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD, pronounced VO-ad), one of several county and area VOADs in California. We share some of our meeting notes.
High Risk Fire Areas in Martinez (Google Earth)

Fighting Wildfires

Over the summer, several CERT teams have taken tours of potential wildfire trouble spots in a project with the Contra Costa County Fire Prevention District. This fascinating video explains how a wildfire is managed. We're all hoping we won't see this problem in our fair county anytime soon.

Visiting Fire Station 14

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Our October meeting was a treat: a visit to our nearby Station 14 Firehouse, with a tour by Keld Lausten. We learned many amazing things, including the many handy tools behind the multitude of doors on a ladder or pump truck, that a volume of water turns into 1400 times that volume in steam (explosive!), and that cancer is a big problem for firefighters.

Touring the Refineries

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We had the opportunity to tour our local Andeavor and Shell Refineries earlier this month.