We were there with the Special Olympics and riders on June 10, 2018!

Luana helping with supplies

Luana helping with supplies (Cathy running errands)

The event was in a new location this year, further into the park at the Ampitheater. The Special Olympics planned four rides, from 25K to 100 miles.

Martinez Area CERT volunteers were there at 6:00am. We helped assemble and locate signs, distribute supplies (they had lots of different t-shirts), and most importantly for this event: we helped with traffic. Oh my, the traffic! It nearly filled three big lots at the Marina.

Pat helped with traffic

The event started with a flurry of activities setting up and getting ready for the bikers. When they started showing up, we worked to keep the drivers informed, the cars in line, and the riders safe. Not all drivers had patience, and not all riders were watching out for themselves.

Fearless Lisa helping with traffic

The cars drove in. The bikes were pulled off their racks, and riders lined up to check in or register for their routes.

second shift checking in

Here are more photos from the event.

Deb on traffic duty

Debriefing: we really needed FRS radios for this event, instead of relying on our sneaker net. A couple of traffic signs (SLOW and STOP) would also have been helpful.