Radios Can Save Lives

Radios Can Save Lives

Lisa shared this story from the Half Moon Bay Review about how emergency officials are working with local CERT volunteers to support outreach communications into the hills and valleys of their community:

“We’re going to engage CERT to help support us in that area, primarily because we’ve identified massive barriers with communication,” said Mckeon. “We’re not going to be able to rely on our cell phone reception so we’re going back to … engaging at a community level.”

In November, the county’s emergency services office created an updated response plan that emphasizes the activation of CERT volunteers in communicating information hours before an emergency.

We’ve long supported this idea too! Our greater Martinez area is also topographically challenging. Over the past couple of years we’ve been working to discover where our radio signals work and where they need help. Our team includes trained CERT volunteers with FRS/GMRS radios as well as licensed amateur (ham) radio operators.

Interested in a quick overview on using FRS/GMRS radios? Join us during our free Lunch & Learn series on March 30. Interested in joining us in a district-wide exercise from your home? Let us know below.